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Long story short:

Within the EU, the consumer is entitled to make a complaint about any product within 24 months of its purchase date

However, according to the Civil Code, the right to make a complaint is not the same as the manufacturer’s product guarantee.

The 24-month period cannot be confused with the service life of the product, i.e., the period for which the product can withstand its use with regard to its features, purpose of use and differences in intensity of use, if used and treated properly including maintenance. 

The service life of goods intended for outdoor sports is prone to wear due to normal usage.

Handling of products has a big influence on their service life. You can read about how to handle & extend the service life of products in the Scootpedia section (text only in English). 

Where the complaint is justified (for instance, broken handle-bars) and submitted within 6 months of the goods' purchase date, a new product shall be offered to the customer or their money will be refunded.

If the customer makes a complaint after the lapse of the 6-month time limit, and insists that they used the product properly and that a manufacturing defect that already existed at the time of product purchase,is concerned, then the customer must get a third-party, i.e., a sworn expert, to confirm this contention.

How to make a complaint about a defective product:

1)    Take photographs of the product subject to complaint from all sides.

2)    The product type and brand must be clearly identifiable in the photographs. For instance, if you want to submit a complaint about a defective deck, it does not suffice to only photograph the damaged spot, but the whole deck including the detail of the damaged area.

3)    The complaint must be accompanied by the sales receipt, i.e., the invoice, payment receipt, etc.

4)    Send all this information to the info@gizmania.cz e-mail address.

5)    Of course, you can write in your mother tongue in the e-mail message