PARTS SELECTION FOR SEPTEMBER - 20% discount with code SEP20


Be SMART and redeem the discount code that's best for you.

At Gizmania e-shop you can use one of four discount codes. The important word is "one". You can only use one discount code per order at any one time. And it's up to you what you do with it. Remember, you can't combine discount codes.

One example for all:

Your order consists of five products. Two products from point 1), one product from point 2) and two products outside of points 1) and 2). Which discount code will you use? That's up to you to figure out. Every order is different and so will be the discount code that will be most advantageous from your point of view. BE SMART!

1. Parts Selection for September - 20 %


Want to buy components for a freestyle scooter? Great! We have prepared for you a selection of top components from world manufacturers with 20% discount. The 20% discount applies to products marked with the code SEP20. So don't hesitate, enter the code SEP20 and get a discount of 20%!

Please note: Products included in the Parts Selection for September promotion are subject to change during the campaign.

2. Richard Zelinka X Ethic collab - 15 %


Want to get 15% off Ethic products + S-One Helmet RICH ZELINKA (excluding custom scooters)? Follow @risazelinka on instagram and get his discount code. Ethic products can be found here

3. Rider discount codes - 10%     


Want 10% off your entire order? Just enter one of the riders discount codes. How do I get the code? Go to Google and type in "gizmania rider discount code" or follow the instagram of these riders: @risazelinka, @johanwalzel, @david_senkyr, @jaraminisoukup, @tuckinnnn, @kristian.albrecht,, @g.mangherini                                            

4. Gift vouchers


Got a gift voucher and want to redeem it? No problem. As with Rider Discount Codes, redeeming a gift voucher applies to your entire order.